Even when iPhone 7 was getting ready to launch, the rumors about iPhone 8 features were steaming up with more vigor. What instantly struck me was that everyone was calling the 2017 model—”iPhone 8” and not “iPhone 7s.” Going by the pattern, the next-gen smartphone from Apple should be called iPhone 7s. But, what has made the tech universe jump a year ahead in terms of naming pattern?

Is Apple really going to ditch the “S” and “S Plus” lineup of its iPhones? Is the tech world trying to create the massive hype around the next-gen iPhone? These questions have been running in my mind for about 4-5 months—ever since the name iPhone 8 surfaced.

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iPhone 8 Design Concept

Why There Will Be No iPhone 7s and 7s Plus

 It’s no surprise that Apple wants to celebrate the 10th anniversary of iPhone with a bang. As per various reports, radical design, OLED as well as the bezel-free display is on the cards. Possibly the Cupertino-based company wants the world to know that 2017 iPhone is a huge update from the previous model. Hence, it wishes to ditch iPhone 7s or 7s Plus which would make fans feel that the next-gen iPhone is not going to be feature-rich.

Though there is not much clarity, we may not see iPhone 7s/7s Plus next year. The introduction of brand new design and some major changes like the Touch ID and a front-facing camera being embedded in the screen do suggest that the jump to iPhone 8 is very much possible.

It’s well known that whenever Apple has brought a new design with iPhone, there has been massive anticipation. Comparatively, the “S” model doesn’t succeed in hogging the same limelight. In more aspects than one, it pales in comparison as well.

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Because Apple Desperately Needs an iPhone 6 like Success

Agreed iPhone 7 and 7 Plus sales have been a lot better than the expectation, they are still not at par with the incredible success that came with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The recent slump in iPhone sales might force Apple to call its next-gen smartphone iPhone 8 in order to ensure that the device is big from every aspect. Though it may be a break with the name pattern.

What Would You Like to Call the 2017 Model—iPhone 7s or iPhone 8

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I know a lot iPhone fans would like to go with the “iPhone 8″ name but some may want to stick with the existing name pattern and hence may like to call the smartphone –”iPhone 7s.”

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What would you prefer to call your next-gen iPhone? Share your views in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Also, make sure to download our iOS app on your iPhone and iPad.