How often do you find your iPhone 16GB running out of space? Well, if you are installing some heavy applications or have updated your operating system recently, it can consume lots of space in your iPhone. But is that the only reason you know, right? If yes, then that’s not the actual answer to your question “Why 16GB iPhone has just 12GB storage available?”

We all know that Apple was sued earlier for shrinking storage on 16GB device which was just 12.7GB. And in reply Apple said that it’s the space, which is consumed by the operating system, and few preinstalled applications. But is that all about OS and pre-installed apps?

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Why 16GB iPhone Has 12GB Storage

I don’t think so personally. I have a different perspective for the same. In that case, I would like to explain readers a simple method that is used to calculate the memory of the iPhone.

It’s All About Binary and Decimal Calculations

The iPhone manufacturers and the software that calculate the space while manufacturing the device are different. The humans consider the 1GB in decimals whereas the software uses the binary numbers to calculate the space.

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If 1GB in decimal is 1000MBs, according to the binary system 1GB would be 1,073,741,824. So overall if you calculate the 16GB in the decimal system it would be the same as 16GB but when the software counts it in the binary system, the results will be different. 16,000,000,000 (decimal count of 16GB) will be divided by 1,073,741,824 (binary count of 1GB) and at the end the space remained will be 14.9GB only.

This almost reduces 1.1GB of space due to wrong calculations. Well, do you think that that’s the only thing why the space is reduced? If so, you are wrong again. There’s one more reason to know.

Operating System Too Consumes Loads of Space

It is quite obvious that the operating system will occupy some space on your device. You might have observed the same when you use Windows PC that the “C” drives has some space covered even if you haven’t stored anything. The same goes with the iPhone and iPad too.

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There are few software and pre-installed applications in the iPhone that are essential to run your iPhone smoothly. It is estimated that almost 2.7GB of space is consumed by pre-installed apps, software and the operating system in iPhone. So at last you end up with just 12.2GB approximately on your device.

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Now, you might be pretty clear about why 16GB iPhone has just got 12GB of space even if you don’t install a single app or store a file in it. If you are still unable to understand the concept, you can comment below your queries to know more.