This is probably a coincidence but here’s an iOS 6 theme that’s like a core minimal interpretation of that iOS 7 redesign report.

Of course, it’s not exactly the interpretation because the developer has been working on the theme much before the report came out. We’re talking about WhitelineHD, a Winterboard theme designed for the iPhone.

Whiteline HD WinterBoard Theme

I just stumbled on it at iDownloadBlog and from the looks of it, this seems to be a very interesting getaway from the colorful and rich IMIUI theme  I’ve been using since it came out.

WhitelineHD is an ultra-minimal but beautifully embellished theme of white and black with custom iconography. The theme is for those who’re into minimalism. It’s not minimal just in words but in spirit too: even the colors used show how minimal the theme is.

The theme has done away with extra embellishments and ornamentation. It’s not plain though. I’ve seen and used one of those flat-styled minimal UI themes for my iPhone (that was good, too) but there were colors, there were some elements which weren’t truly minimal.

WhiteLine HD brings heavy customization. With over 800 icons to account for it kind of changes the very nature of iOS.However,there’s a lot of

However,there’s a lot of familiarities left on the table so you don’t feel like it’s odd. Surely, you are going to be taken aback at a few places by the sheer audacity of the minimalism but for those of you who endure these stretches of minimalist theme, WhiteLine HD should suit well.

Personally, I think it would’ve been better to go with a dash of colors but would that make the theme look like a few others that already exist in Cydia?

WhiteLine HD isn’t yet out on Cydia but the developer says that when it comes, there’d be support for add-ons too! And it will cost $1.49.

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