Where to Sell Your Old iPad and iPad Mini for Top Dollar

Apple has officially pinned October 22nd for an event that’s most likely going to be about new iPad 5, iPad Mini 2, possibly Mac upgrades and more. As the world gets ready for a major upgrade for the iPad and an incremental one for the iPad Mini, here’s what you can do with your old iPads: sell them.

If you’re looking to grab a new iPad / iPad Mini this year, you might want to trade your old iPad/mini for a good value. Apple’s trade-in is probably the first place you think of but there’s a ton of other places you should try for top-dollar.

Where to Sell Your Old iPad and iPad Mini

  • Flipsy: portal that points to other sources where your iPad/iPad mini will be traded
  • eCycleBest: Fastest and probably the best trade-in website
  • SellCell.com: Another Flipsy-like portal that lists online trade-in options
  • SYM: SellYourMac trades your iPad/iPad Mini for cash with quite an organized approach
  • Gazelle: Another cool place to sell your iPad/iPad Mini
  • Glyde: Glyde works very much like Gazelle. You’ll like the interface

#1. Flipsy allows you to compare the quotes for your device. You’ll have to select a trade-in website and then enter the details of your iPad/iPad Mini to actually get the final price but Flipsy is a great place to start if you don’t know many trade-in options.

#2. eCycle Best is one of the finest places to trade your tablet. These folks kind of give true meaning to ‘fast cash’ and ‘top-dollar’. An iPad Mini 16GB Wifi (like new) can go up to $239 on eCycle Best.

#3. SellCell.com is another portal where you can see what other trade-in websites are offering for your iPad or iPad Mini. Call me biased but Flipsy shows more options.

SellCell pulls data from websites that Flipsy doesn’t show so we’ve got them listed here.

#4. At SellYourMac, a “like new” iPad Mini 16GB Wifi sells for up to $155 which isn’t exactly top-dollar but comparable to other offers.

#5. Gazelle offers up to $180 for a flawless iPad Mini (16GB / Wifi). It has pretty good offers for iPad 4th and 3rd gen too. You might be interested in Gazelle if you’ve got older iPads too.

#6. Glyde, like we mentioned before, has a very interesting interface. But Glyde doesn’t trade your iPad by itself. It’s more of a marketplace – like Craigslist – which offers you a platform to sell.

While Glyde offers you a benchmark value for selling your iPad or iPad Mini, you can set your price (above or below the market price).

Glyde is clear about how easy it is to sell your product based on the price and how much – after all cuts – you get in hard cash.

That’s all, guys!

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