If you're a serious GPS-user and find that the lack of a proper Maps app on iOS 6 is actually creating a lot of problems, we've got a lot of Apple Maps alternatives covered.

Not quite interestingly, all of them are free apps. I mean, I wouldn't actually shell out money on a maps app unless using a really good Maps app becomes absolutely necessary. But then, there are people who really need an excellent navigational support for the information they provide.

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That's where this app comes in: Where To?

  • Where To? – At a glance
  • 3D Feature (users Augmented Reality): (In-app purchase) $0.99 [more on this further down]
  • iOS 6 and iPhone 5 Compatibility (with the latest update)


Features: Tons of them. Read on.

So What's it Basically?

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To be able to describe this full-feature app, I should be Jedi. But since I'm not, I'll tell you what really impressed me about the app:

  • The best Maps app alternative: it fetches data from Google and presents it to you in a very familiar interface.
  • All the usual features of Maps: bookmark, place markers, add favorites, explore new things, find routes and get navigational support
  • Book restaurant seats or make a reservation right from within the application
  • Use augmented reality to find a place faster
  • In-built ratings and review system which works like Yelp
  • Exclusive dinner menus of over 500,000 US restaurants

The Real USP:

What makes Where To? great is that it's simple to use. It's extensive in information it provides. And it has almost everything under the sun covered. It's one of the finest apps that have been designed – which explains why it won several app awards since 2008.

Oh yes, it's been here for long. When it comes to Maps apps: the older, the better. Take Google for instance: it has compiled map-data extensively for almost over a decade now. And that's what makes it so strong, and I think it's the same principle with Where To?

Yeah, it costs you about $3 to get the app but it's really worth every penny you spend for its information.


  • General: 4/5
  • Design/Interface: 4/5
  • Functionality/Features: 4/5
  • Usability: 3.5/5

Price: $2.99

Download Where To

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