Apple offers firmware files (IPSW) to the developers so they can install it on their registered  devices and test their applications. However, the IPSW files have been much more useful to  upgraders/downgraders who jump between various iOS versions on their iPhone/iPad/iPod.

It’s said that with iTunes 11.1, Apple is closing down on custom restore (which means you cannot  use a custom IPSW file / Shift+Restore) but even if that comes to pass, there will be other methods to push a custom IPSW file downloaded from the web to your iDevice. But where do you get the  firmware files for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV?

Turns out, there are tons of resources for this very thing. Here’s some of the trusted places where  we get our IPSW files from:

Resources to Download IPSW Files for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

IPSWDownload /IPSWDownloader is  probably the only source you need to download IPSW files for your iDevice. You have to select the  device (ex., iPhone), the model (ex., 5s) and the firmware version (ex., 7.0). Click on Download  and the IPSW file should start downloading automatically.

iClarified has a large list of iPhone firmware files for all iOS versions including the latest as of writing this, 7.0.2. In fact,  several other tech websites like RedmondPie, iDownloadBlog and OSXDaily provide direct  download links for all the IPSW files.

More Resources to Download Firmware (IPSW) Files for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch:

It’s better to prefer because you don’t get lost in the plethora of download  links.

Remember, IPSW files are large. Many of them are about 1GB large and may take time to  download in-browser. In Windows, the files may be renamed upon download. Browsers typically  rename IPSW file format to a zip format but you can change it back so iTunes recognizes it when you use it.