Where is Apple’s AirPower? Here is the Underlying Truth…

Waiting for AirPower and wondering why it's been so delayed? There seems to be more than one reason behind this long delay. The biggest roadblock that is said to have obstructed the release is the complex charging technology...

After several years of persistent speculation, Apple added the wireless charging support to the iPhone last year. But what seemed to have added cherry to the cake was the introduction of an advanced wireless charging mat called AirPower.

Designed to power up three devices like iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously, the AirPower had a pretty good first impression. The tech giant announced that the AirPower will be launched in December 2017. Forget about that year, more than six months have already been passed in 2018, but the confusion about the belated release still seems to be lurking around. So, why is AirPower so delayed and what are the reasons behind the mess?

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Possible Reasons Why AirPower Has Been Delayed for So Long

Hasty Announcement

Apple rushed to announce AirPower a bit too early. The tech giant should have waited for the green signal and even double checked the completion before making a formal announcement.

The same thing happened with HomePod. The smart speaker was unveiled on June 5, 2017, at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and was about to be launched in December in 2017. However, it was eventually released on 9 February 2018.

Forget about the hardware, Apple hasn’t been able to keep itself at pace with the software either in recent times. “Apple Pay Cash” and “iMessage in iCloud” were also introduced at WWDC 2017 but they were released after several months of delay.

Multi-Device Charging Technology Is Creating Major Hurdle

The charging mat is different from the ones available in the market. It’s not just advanced but also ambitious. What makes it stand out is the multi-device charging technology. As per reports, it’s this unique mechanism that’s creating a roadblock.

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The custom charging technology is integrated with the Qi charging standard and requires multiple charging sensors to power up multiple devices. Besides, it also needs different sized charging components for the three different devices.

“An executive at an Apple partner that manufactures third-party wireless chargers for iPhones, who asked not to be identified, said the multi-device charging mechanism is challenging to build because it likely requires the different sized charging components for the three types of devices, which would all overlap across the mat.”Bloomberg

Complex Circuitry Design

AirPower is said to feature a very complex circuitry design that provides the essential safety from short-circuiting, overheating and other similar threats. Apple engineers are reportedly finding it a bit tough to take complete control over it.

Considering how serious Apple has always been very serious about security, the company will never go with a less competent and secure charger. And, I think this is what has kept the AirPower on the back burner for so long.

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So, When Will the Wireless Charger Finally Launch?

If you are waiting for the charger impatiently, you would be slightly disappointed to know that it’s not going to launch any time soon. You may have to wait until September to get it.

The testing is believed to be in the final stage, and we might see it around the iPhone event 2018.

Wish to Check Some Viable Alternatives?

We have rounded up a long list of the AirPower alternatives. So, if you want to have a look at some of the able alternatives to charge your device wirelessly, do check them out. Moreover, they are available at a much lower price.

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