Wouldn’t it be cool if you could send a WhatsApp message without having to open and load WhatsApp every time? Something like a gesture triggers a message box and you just type and send?

WhatsAtor is a cydia tweak that aims to make that possible. The tweak lets you use Activator gestures to create a WhatsApp message from anywhere. The tweak can be better but for the moment, it works cool.

First off, it’s not a tweak that’s useful for replying to WhatsApp messages from anywhere. However, if you are typing a message to someone on WhatsApp, you can very well quicken the process by using WhatsAtor.

Whatsator Cydia Tweak

WhatsAtor gets triggered via Activator actions. When you trigger the tweak, it throws a simple alert box with a text field where you type the message. When you hit Send, you are taken to WhatsApp contact list. You can select the person here and the message is sent, while you are taken to the respective WhatsApp thread.

There is nothing to configure and nothing to tweak. You have to set the actions via Activator. So, if you don’t have Activator installed, WhatsAtor will install the dependency automatically.

WhatsAtor can be triggered via Activator so you have to set an Activator action for it. You can choose any action (like Shake, Triple-press home button etc.) and assign it to WhatsAtor.

There are a few drawbacks to the tweak that I hope get filled in the updates: first off, you can’t choose the recipient right from the alertbox. Two, the tweak doesn’t let you continue with whatever app you were using but kind of forces you into the WhatsApp thread. This might be an intentional feature so that you can continue the chat but being able to just send the message and continue with your work on other app sounds much better.

WhatsAtor is a free tweak on the BigBoss repo. Do check it out.

A quick video on how to use WhatsAtor Cydia tweak: