Facebook Plans to Capitalize WhatsApp; To Show Ads in 2020

Get ready to experience an all-new WhatsApp in 2020. In its annual Facebook Marketing Summit this week, the social media giant has confirmed that WhatsApp will show ads in 2020.

What started off as a simple messaging app is now set to make money. WhatsApp has become a sort of phenomenon across the globe, with more than 1.2 billion active users share texts, videos, images, audios, and docs every day. For Facebook, it is now time to capitalize on this platform.

At the Annual Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands, it was confirmed that WhatsApp would show ads in 2020. From next year, your conversations with contacts might be interrupted by a full-screen ad.

WhatsApp Ads To Occupy Your Entire Screen

Apart from WhatsApp Business profile, this personal messaging app will become another source of revenue for Facebook. Users will find the ads in their WhatsApp Status, just like you see Instagram Stories on your smartphones.

Like Stories on other platforms, you can see ads on your WhatsApp Status. Remember, WhatsApp Status can be a text, images, videos, or GIFs which disappear after 24 hours.

The WhatsApp ads will occupy the entire screen of your smartphone, just like other contents shared by your friends. To get more information about the advertisements, you can swipe up on those ads.

Smart users can read between the lines; if you don’t want to see those ads, don’t use WhatsApp Status.

In addition to the roll out ads, Facebook allows its advertisers to redirect users from Facebook and Instagram to WhatsApp. Retailers, who run their ads on Facebook and Instagram, can receive calls or messages from potential consumers as to when customers tap on a promoted post, they could be sent to a WhatsApp chat with that retailer.

Customers who are using WhatsApp for Business will be able to experience rich messaging format options as promised by Facebook. Moreover, they can integrate WhatsApp product catalog into their current Facebook Business Manager catalog.

That’s all folks!

Summing up

Many customers and social media experts long expected WhatsApp ads. The chat client has already finished a decade of free service of data sharing. With its tremendous success, there is hardly any competitor of WhatsApp. Thus, it was expected that Facebook would like to make some money out of this messaging service.

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