With the recent update to Whatsapp, a few new features came into being: the tap-to-talk, the multiple photo attacher etc. But Whatsapp restricts the max number of photos you can send at a time to 10.

It's more or less a performance issue: 10 photos is an optimal limit to handle for the software, for the network and for the user who is receiving those photos.

But if you're not impressed with limits, there's a new tweak in town that makes sure you can send more than 10 photos at a time via Whatsapp. It's called Whatsapp MorePhotos.

Whatsapp Morephotos Cydia Tweak

Whatsapp MorePhotos is more of a light-weight add-on to Whatsapp. You'll obviously need the latest version of Whatsapp (2.10 for iOS) to have the tweak working.

Although the description says ‘more instructions in the settings app' there's nothing to be found in the settings app. In fact, Whatsapp MorePhotos leaves no footprint anywhere like a few apps that just work without any settings to configure.

Once installed, you can add as many photos as you want to be sent simultaneously. While previously, Whatsapp will disallow selecting more than 10 photos, with Whatsapp MorePhotos, it doesn't stop you after 10 photos are selected.

Whatsapp has had a few interesting tweaks strapped to its back. There was Couria for Whatsapp which acts as a quick reply feature. With Couria and Couria for Whatsapp installed, you could answer Whatsapp messages from anywhere. And no it isn't triggered by Activator.

Speaking of Activator-triggered Whatsapp tweaks, there is WhatsAtor: a tweak that lets you compose new Whatsapp messages from anywhere using any Activator gesture. I'm not particularly a big fan of WhatsAtor but it might interest you.

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