WhatsApp has long been one of my favorite messaging apps due only to its functionality and easy-to-use interface. Every time I wish to communicate with my friends, the word WhatsApp instantly comes to my mind. You can guess how popular it has become in recent times. However due to certain reasons, it's a bit slow in terms of bringing new features such as, WhatsApp Web to iOS.

For the folks who enjoy communicating with their friends on WhatsApp, there is an all new WhatsApp Web client-WhatsMac for Mac. Boasting of some quality features such as keyboard shortcuts, this WhatsApp client for Mac is sure to bring the added spice to your messaging experience.

WhatsApp for Mac WhatsMac

WhatsApp for Mac may seem to be a bit impossible at least in near future, but with WhatsMac you can make the utmost of instant communication on your device running OS X Yosemite.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Fast-track your Messaging Time
Through some important shortcuts for starting a conversation, viewing your 1st -9 conversations instantly, scan through conversations, this app assists you in messaging fast.

⌘N: Start a conversation.
⌘F: Scan through any conversation.
⌘1: ⌘9 -search conversations from 1st to 9th.

Support for Most Features of WhatsApp Web
This Mac app has the support of most WhatsApp Web features such as, text messaging , downloading and viewing media, Notification Center for notifications. At present, it doesn’t have the support of uploading any media. However, you can upload any media through drag and drop.

If you have enabled Gatekeeper on Mac…
If you have enabled Gatekeeper on your Mac, you will have to click this desktop client in Finder and then open it. It’s because this app is not available in Mac App Store. Here is how to open an App from unidentified developer in Mac OS X.

Compatible With
This WhatsApp desktop client is compatible with OS X 10.10 Yosemite. It's not compatible with iOS, so you will need an Android, BlackBerry or Windows phone to download this app.

Available to Download for Free
WhatsMac is available to download for free. It works as advertised and offers an engaging messaging experience on Mac.

WhatsApp Web Enabler
Just in case you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can enable WhatsApp Web through a jailbreak tweak called WhatsAppWebEnabler on your device. This tweak is available for free from BigBoss repo.

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