WhatsApp has been updated to show read receipts in the form of two blue check marks. The two blue check marks will indicate that message has been read by recipients. This is an Over the Air (OTA) update so it is automatically available for users.

Until now WhatsApp used to indicate one grey check mark suggesting your message has been sent and two grey check marks suggesting your message has been delivered to the recipient. However from now onwards, two blue check marks next to the message you send will indicate that your sent message has been read by the recipient.

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WhatsApp for iPhone Updated To Show Read Receipts

  • One Grey Check Mark: Your Message has been sent successfully.
  • Two Grey Check Marks: You message has been delivered to the recipient.

Sign of WhatsApp Message Delivered to Recipient

  • Two Blue Check Marks: Your Message has been read by the recipient.

WhatsApp Message Read by Recipient

Remember: In group chats, the two blue check marks will appear only when all the participants of the group have read your message.

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You can easily come to know who has seen your message and when.

Step #1. Open a chat with a contact or a group.

Step #2. Go to message Info.

Step #3. Swipe message from right to left.


Just tap and hold on the sent message and choose Info from the menu. (doesn't work in group messages, yet)

The Message Info screen will show you:

Delivered: The message has been delivered to the recipient. However, the recipient is yet to see it.

Read/Seen: Read suggests that your message has been read. Seen suggests that your sent picture, audio/video file has been seen.

Played: It suggests that the recipient has played your voice message.

Read Receipts is a useful feature as it lets you know when your message has been read by the recipient. However, it can be annoying as well especially when you don’t want the sender of the message to know whether you read his/her message or not.

If you fail to read a message due to any personal reason, the sender of the message will assume that probably you are trying to ignore him/her. That's when it can be a privacy issue. Unfortunately, WhatsApp hasn't come with any switch to turn it off.

Hence for many WhatsApp users who love to have some privacy, the new feature might turn into a double-edged sword.

Earlier many iOS users were complaining of Read Receipts feature of iMessage since they didn't want to let senders know whether they read their message or simply ignore it owing to any reason. That was when iMessage didn't have any switch to turn Read Receipt off. Keeping the concern of users in mind, Apple had a switch to turn it off.

You can say that WhatsApp has followed on the footsteps of Apple by bringing Read Receipt in order to make the messaging app more convenient for users. However, the 600 million of the app users will soon begin to ask for a switch to turn it off.

The much-awaited Voice Calling in WhatsApp has been delayed yet again. It is reported to come by next year. Earlier, the messaging app had promised to bring Voice Calling by the mid of 2014. However, it couldn’t do so due to some technical issues.

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