While we’re waiting for a design/app update for WhatsApp for iPhone (for iOS 7), it looks like there are a few basic tips that are worth sharing again.

Users come up with questions like how to save profile photos (new feature added in WhatsApp update), or how to start a Group Chat or how to create a backup of all WhatsApp conversations on iCloud.

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Some of the tips are very basic and very easy. But we know that WhatsApp gets a lot of new users everyday – quite a bunch of them on the iOS platform.

So here’s to all you folks who’re looking for some cool WhatsApp tips:

WhatsApp for iPhone Tips

1. How to Start Group Chat On WhatsApp

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Starting a group chat on WhatsApp is far easier on iOS than on Android. For starters, there’s just one simple button to tap and the rest of the things flow like water.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Tap on ‘Chats’ from the menu at the bottom.

How to Start Group Chat On WhatsApp

  • Scroll up and you will see a search field under which there are two buttons. One of these is New Group.
  • Tap on New Group
  • Give a subject (a title for the group)
  • Add participants from the list of WhatsApp contacts
  • Click on Done and your group is now ready!

2. How to Save WhatsApp Profile Photos to The iPhone

WhatsApp added a new feature which lets you save profile photos of your friends to the camera roll. Again, this is very simple too.

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  • Go to a friend’s profile in WhatsApp (do this either by tapping on the profile photo on top of the chat screen or by tapping on the friend’s name from Favorites menu)
  • Tap on the profile photo to open it/view it.
  • Tap on the share icon on top-right
  • Tap on Save Image

How to Save WhatsApp Profile Photos to iPhone

The image gets saved to your camera roll.

3. How to Take iCloud Backups of WhatsApp Conversations

With the update in July, WhatsApp also pushed a very important feature that was lacking for a long time: chat backups. Interestingly it clubbed iClouds so users didn’t have to worry about two things: backup management and backup security.

To setup and manage backups:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Tap on Settings
  • Now tap on Chat Settings
  • Go to Backup
  • You can setup auto-backups. You can also tap on Backup Now to backup the chats right away. Videos don’t get backed up.

How to Take iCloud Backups of WhatsApp Conversations

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Got more tips for WhatsApp? Let us know in the comments!