The uber-popular messaging app for iPhone has gone free. WhatsApp just went back to being perennially free on the App Store (just like how it is on Android).

Not just this but WhatsApp now supports iCloud backup, storing your messages and media safely. Add some more features like multiple image sharing and number porting and you get an all-powerful WhatsApp now.

WhatsApp is perhaps one of the most popular messaging apps out there for iPhone (right besides iMessage). It used to sell for $0.99 on the App Store and sometime back last year, it went free for a limited time. A few months back there was an indication from the CEO of WhatsApp that the service will go free on the App Store and emulate the Android model.

Whatsapp for iPhone is Free

So now you have WhatsApp that’s free to download and free for one year. After this, you have to pay $0.99 per year as a subscription fee.

But much more interesting than this is the new features in the updated WhatsApp app. Here’s three important changes:

1. Multiple Photo Sharing: WhatsApp for iPhone now supports multiple photo sharing so you can send multiple photos at once. The option appears right after you add one photo (a ‘+’ sign appears and you can select multiple photos after you tap this).

Multiple Image Sharing on Whatapp

2. iCloud Backup: If you go to Chat Settings → Chat Backup → you can set up Auto Backup (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) and also manually backup. All data is stored to your iCloud account. All the text messages and images will get backed up. Videos won’t be.

3. Number Porting: Perhaps the least talked about but the most amazing feature that WhatsApp has rolled out with this update for its iPhone app is the ability to port your WhatsApp data to a new number. You can setup WhatsApp to be ported to the new phone/number easily via WhatsApp on the old iPhone itself.

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