WhatsApp Crashing on iOS 8 Beta? Here’s Why and How to Fix it

Update: Here is the solution if Whatsapp Crashing in iOS 8.

It turns out that WhatsApp crashes in iOS 8 beta very frequently and the reason for that, courtesy good folks of the internet, is what is called ligatures. If a conversation/thread in your WhatsApp chats has words containing the duo-letters “ff”, “fi” or “tt”, opening that thread will crash WhatsApp.

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As strange as it sounds, the problem persists in iOS 8 beta 5 and earlier versions. The developers are hopefully working on a fix but since it’s all beta right now, we’re not sure about an ETA for the fix.

Whatsapp Crashing in iOS 8 Beta

What exactly is the problem?

If you are testing out iOS 8 on your iPhone and if you use WhatsApp, the crashing issue is obviously frustrating. You can fix it but before that, let’s understand the problem.

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  • If a WhatsApp thread/conversation has words in it that contain the letters “ff”, “fi” or “tt” and you try to open that thread, WhatsApp will crash.
  • If you type words having the letters “ff”, “fi” or “tt” in them and then hit “Send”, WhatsApp will crash.

These are the two known instances so far. Yeah, this means, when you get a new message from a contact and the message has words containing those ligatures, WhatsApp will crash.

How to fix WhatsApp Crashing on iOS 8 Beta?

Method One: The Simplest One

  1. Delete any thread which causes a crash: Swipe left on the conversation, tap on Delete and you can start the conversation again. If it’s a group thread, this might be a problem but you will have to do this if you want to prevent WhatsApp from crashing. Also, you’ll have to do this every time your friend sends any message containing those letter-combinations.
  2. Prevent backup-restores within WhatsApp: If you tried to fix the problem by deleting and re-installing WhatsApp, chances are that the app tried to restore from an old backup. Now, backup chats can contain conversations with words having those ligatures. (ff, fi, tt). That can make WhatsApp crash. So, if you re-installed WhatsApp, do not restore a backup.

There are some geek solutions to fixing the problem without deleting the conversations. These include using SQL code to alter the data contained in the .sqlite files that Whatsapp stores on your iPhone. If you’re comfortable with some code or willing to risk, here’s method two.

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Method Two

Whatsapp stores all the chat data in an .sqlite file. In this method, we’ll be editing that file to replace all ff, fi or tt as “f f”, “f i” or “t t”. (a space between the letters).

  • Download iExplorer
  • Download SQLite Database Browser
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer
  • Open iExplorer
  • On the sidebar, navigate to /Apps/Whatsapp/
  • In the central pane, click on Documents
  • You should see a ChatStorage.sqlite file. Drag it out to your desktop (we’re editing a backup copy to be on the safe side).
  • Now, open this ChatStorage.sqlite file (on your desktop) in SQLite Database Browser.
  • Click the Execute SQL tab and paste this code:

set ZTEXT = replace( ZTEXT, 'ff', 'f f')
where ZWAMESSAGE.ZTEXT like '%ff%';
set ZTEXT = replace( ZTEXT, 'fi', 'f i')
where  ZWAMESSAGE.ZTEXT like '%fi%';
set ZTEXT = replace( ZTEXT, 'fl', 'f l')
where ZWAMESSAGE.ZTEXT like '%fl%';

  • Now click on Execute query
  • Then, click on the save icon
  • Now, reopen iExplorer and navigate to /Apps/Whatsapp/Documents. (If you didn’t close iExplorer, you will most likely be in the Documents folder)
  • Drag ChatStorage.sqlite from the desktop into iExplorer (over Documents). Click on Replace when prompted
  • Now, open Whatsapp on your iPhone. It should mostly work without crashing.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that it won’t crash again. The problem is that every time there is an “ff”, “fi” or “tt” in there, Whatsapp is going to crash.

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Method Three

For those of you who are ready to be bolder, and install a beta version of Whatsapp IPA, here’s a solution (thanks to iModZone):

To get this method to work, you will need to have registered UDID (that’s mostly done if you can install iOS 8 betas) but you should also have certificates and provisioning.

  • Download Whatsapp beta
  • Download iModSign from here
  • Connect your iPhone. Open iModSign.
  • If you see a certificate, select it and click on Use This Certificate.
  • Now, drag the Whatsapp beta file you downloaded in step 1, into the box that says Drag .IPA Here. (alternatively, you can also click on Browse for IPA file and select the downloaded Whatsapp beta file).
  • Once done, the beta file is re-signed. This means you can now run the IPA file on your iPhone. To install Whatsapp beta, just drag the re-signed IPA file into iTunes and sync.
  • Open Whatsapp. If everything went correctly, it should no longer crash.

This method involves more technicalities like provisioning and if you aren’t really familiar with how to get your UDID registered and certified, you might want to switch to the other methods.

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As an aside: Telegram doesn’t seem to have problems in iOS 8 beta. So, if you are okay with alternatives, try Telegram.

Dhvanesh Adhiyahttps://www.igeeksblog.com
Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of iGeeksBlog.com. He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.


  1. method 2 worked great for me thanks, i just had to be sure i close SQLite Database Browser after saving before removing the ChatStorage.sqlite file back from my computer to iExplorer

  2. Just let anyone know who is reading this, I spent days trying to find a resolution for the whatsapp crash as i use it on a daily basis! Method one still causes it to crash and you have to constantly delete the conversation which is a pain, method 2 i attempted but didn’t seem to make a difference.

    However method 3 worked perfectly and I am currently using the whatsapp beta, no crashes and so far so good! Please note that I am a developer which is probably why method 3 sounds the easiest solution for me.



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