As you probably know, iOS 7 beta 5 was seeded to developers just recently and it has some cool new changes both in terms of design and usability. Changes this time are slick and is clearly a result of feedback through usability.

Right after the jump, we’ll take a look at seven of the most impressive things that have changed since iOS 7 beta 4. Here’s all about it: (note that there are many more changes but we picked the ones that are most pronounced)

  • Disabling Control Center within Apps
  • Icons within Settings
  • Microphone Privacy Setting
  • On/Off Toggle Design
  • New In-call icons
  • Power Slider Interface Changed
  • Notification Banner and Slide-down Effect

iOS 7 Beta 5 Features

1. Disabling Control Center within Apps
Control Center shows up when you slide from the bottom of the screen. As users tested the feature, it soon comes up as an annoying feature if you’re constantly scrolling from the bottom of the screen on other apps. Games, webpages, books.. well. You get the idea. IOS 7 beta 5 fixes that. You can just go into Settings  Control Center and disable the feature so Control Center won’t fire up when you scroll within apps.

2. Icons in Settings
The old icons in the Settings app was boring. They have been replaced with new ones that are mini versions mostly. Something that’s similar to iOS 6 but in an iOS 7 platter of course.

3. Privacy Settings for Microphone
Privacy settings are available for photos and locations and stuff but Apple has also added the ability to prevent your Microphone being used by third-party apps. This is not just a cool feature but a very important one at at time when malware seems to be penetrating the iOS defense. Who knows what’s snooping in on your microphone?

4. On/Off Toggle Labels
The On/Off switch design on the iOS 7 is pretty cool. While the green background easily signals whether a switch is On or Off, Apple also decided to add some labeling to make it even more apparent. On= I and Off = O. But you can also turn off these labels. These are accessible from Settings.

5. New in-call icons
The icons in a call are now more clear, minimalistic and better spaced. We’re talking about refinement now. The functions remain the same. These are also available in a Facetime call. By the way, did you check out the new FaceTime Everyday ad that Apple rolled out yesterday?

6. Power Slider Interface
The slide to power off interface now has an overlay effect. Which is very nice because as you bring the slider closer to its end-point, the overlay effect fades into a darker shade obliterating the background. Neat little quirky thing.

7. Better Notification Banners
The banners are almost perfect now. When the banner slides down, you get to the Notification Center. I think this is an added advantage.