What to do with old and dying AirPods (2024) 

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The AirPods were launched in 2016. And right now, the 3rd generation of AirPods is on the market, alongside the 2nd-generation AirPods Pro launched at the Far Out event. As time passes by, the AirPods get plagued with low battery, low sound, or unresponsive feedback (of course, if you haven’t lost them already).  

If you are confused about what to do with your old AirPods, here’s a guide to a few workarounds.

Recycle AirPods If not in use

Recycle old AirPods if not in use

If you feel that your AirPods are no longer usable or worthy of keeping, recycling them is the best thing you can do. Doing so won’t just benefit you but the environment as well.  

If you want to recycle the AirPods, you can contact your local authorized dealer that does the job of recycling, or you can go to the Apple Trade-In site, where you can replace these products with another one, or you can also grab a gift card in exchange.  

Apple’s Battery Replacement Program for AirPods

AirPods battery service with Apple

Now, let’s assume you want to keep your old AirPods that have poor battery capacity, then you can perform these steps to restore or replace the battery entirely. 

If you feel that your AirPods aren’t that old for the battery to be worn out, but you are still facing battery drain issues, then you can check out our explainer on how to fix AirPods battery drain issues.  

But if you feel that the AirPods battery needs to be replaced, you can visit the Apple Repair Site or walk to its physical store to get your battery fixed, replaced, or changed.  

Sell and trade old AirPods 

If you want some extra cash or trade your old AirPods with new ones, you can also do that. Several sites prompt you to sell your old AirPods. Here’s the list of the sites that can help you trade in your old AirPods. 

On these sites, you will get clear instructions on know how to trade or exchange your AirPods. Our experience tells us that these sites are reliable when it comes to trading and replacing your AirPods.  

Note: You must reset your AirPod before sending it for an exchange or trade-in.  

Replace dying AirPods with TheSwapClub 

Replace dying AirPods with TheSwapClub

Do you feel that you still want to use your AirPods which gives you a hard time? TheSwapClub is the answer. You can swap your AirPods with TheSwapClub Club’s services.  

This service helps you get the renewed AirPods at an affordable price. They also provide you with a 90-day limited warranty period. If you feel like saving some bucks, you should definitely go ahead with swapping your AirPods on TheSwapClub. 

Wrapping up… 

Right now, the world is witnessing the e-waste problem at its peak, and Apple is already taking measures to lessen its carbon footprint. If you want to dispose of the AirPod or renew it somehow, follow the solutions provided above to do your part in environmental conservation. Did this article help you solve your AirPods issue? Let me know in the comments!

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