What is Force Touch? How It Will Change The Way We Use iPhone

Technology known to the Homo sapiens is going to get revolutionized. The tech arena is sizzling with the hype Apple has created before the “Big Day”. The updates in the visual tech was not just enough for Apple. So now they are coming up with the ultra-sensitive touch technology, the Force Touch in upcoming iPhones. Probably, named as the 3D Touch Display is a screen based, super machine technology. I’m just giving an insight but to know how a force touch woks; stay curious and read more.

What is Force Touch

What is Force Touch?

It’s the next level of touch technology. Till date we are familiar with two dimensions of touch; the tap and the press hold. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be equipped with the third dimension of touch, the Force Touch. As per the sources, the new iPhones will be able to sense three different levels of touch; tap, press and the force touch. It will distinguish between the touch by using touch sensitive tiny electrodes around the display.

The world will go through a tech transformation as the Force Touch will unfold unimaginable fields through its application in gesture sensitive technologies like gaming, security and many more.

How Force Touch Will Change Your iPhone Experience?

Apple introduced Force Touch into its Apple Watch and newest MacBook trackpads and surprised the Apple users by changing the user interface through countless shortcuts. But while using it on the iPhone, what could be the possible changes?

Here are some possibilities where the application of Force Touch can lead the user experience to the next level.


Presently, to get directions on the map app, the user has to go through a time consuming three fold process. However, with the 3D touch you just need to Force Touch the desired destination and turn-by-turn directions will appear on your screen, immediately. A preview of the desired location might show up too.


What if you just Force Touch on a link and a preview of the website, will be available for you at the very moment? It saves a lot of your time and efficiency. Now imagine this with a contact card or a tough word. You can see the contact name and the meaning of the word.


The most favored app for a gentleman of leisure. Creating a playlist in your free time may seem a bit forceful. But when it is Force Touch, you can enjoy your time peacefully. Force Touch a track and a list will provide options to add it to the playlist or keep it for offline listening. A simple and easy substitute against endless tapping which sometime results in deleting your favorite song.

And to light up your imagination, there can be copious applications in gaming, app management and more.

However there are various applications, which can be explored in a totally new manner with the 3D touch, one can never deny that it may result the very opposite. It may confuse the user while using older versions of iPhone or while using the same app on other iDevices.

There is no doubt on the tremendous potential of the 3D touch, in revealing new horizons of user interface. But one can just wait, for the Wednesday, the 9th to know what secrets Apple going to reveal.