Recently UDID has captured lot of media attention as third-party app developers had been sharing this ID with advertising agencies and marketing companies.

On this, Apple has shown its displeasure and sent an ultimatum to all third-party app developers; if the developers would share UDID of iPhones, Mac, or Apple Watch, their apps wouldn’t find place in App Store.

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What is Difference Between UDID and UUID

This has certainly created a positive impact on iDevice users, who felt cheated.

With the solution of this issue, there rises confusion among users of iDevices: is there any difference between UDID and UUID?

Many iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch users have swamped our mailbox with this question; so our team did some research and got an answer.

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If you look at how the two work, you will get an idea about the difference between UDID and UUID.

UDID is a Unique Device Identifier, which is a sequence of 40 hexadecimal characters that provide your iOS device a unique identity. You can find UDID of iPhones, Mac and Apple Watches by using different method.

UUID stands for Universally Unique Identifier, which is on a per-app basis. UUID recognizes an app on your iDevice, and it will stay there until a user completely deletes the app. If any user removes the app completely from his iOS device and then downloads the app again, the ID will change.

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