It's a strange thing to think of. What if iPad Mini 2 doesn't have a retina display?

I picked this discussion in a forum and it got me thinking. What if iPad Mini 2 doesn't come with the retina display? Of course the world ain't going to end: for us or for Apple anyway. But what are the possibilities that the iPad Mini 2 wouldn't arrive with a retina display?

So we thought we'll analyze this thing for ourselves. This will also give us a glimpse of what we expect to see in the iPad Mini 2 features other than the usually beaten path of retina displays.

To begin with, I think that it would be simply a waste of one product launch if Apple really pushed an update to the iPad Mini in the form of iPad Mini 2 without a retina display. Almost all their devices are now capable of “retina” and all their new releases last year were, by default, retina products. Apple's focus on retina has not only become an obsession but it also looks like this thing has now been hardwired into their DNA. ipad mini 2For someone who has used a retina display for long, the iPad Mini's display would appear a tad bland although not heavily distinguishable. Even if you've been using the MBP with Retina Display, the iPad Mini – for its size and comparative resolution – poses as a good device.

But the trends of the world are rapidly changing. Samsung, Google: the key lead players in the field of mobile computing now are actually producing gadgets that are much more than retina. Only, they aren't emphasizing this term in their marketing campaigns.

AnandTech is reportedly of the opinion that you can't expect an iPad Mini 2 featuring retina displays in 2013. No disrespect to an authoritative comment but I still feel that Apple would be eyeing for a retina feature on their iPad Mini 2.

This brings us to the question: what if iPad Mini 2 doesn't feature a retina display?

As unlikely as the proposition sounds, Apple will still make good sales. Of course, critics and reviewers will tear the device apart just because it doesn't feature a retina display for the second time around. But global sales of the iPad Mini 2 will still be somewhat strong.

So that also brings us to talk about iPad Mini 2's other features. What would it have? What would it have different?

For starters, we're thinking of iOS 7. The iPad Mini 2 should mostly feature iOS 7. This means the cores might be different too. May be A6? The current core is A5 while experts hoped it would be A5X. Enhancements to camera seem likely too as the present 5 MP is not as powerful as that on iPhone 5. And yes, we'd certainly like to see a doubling up in RAM to 1GB although that's something very unlikely to happen if Apple seems to be happy with the preset crop of RAM in iPad Mini.

iPad Mini 2 release date speculations are varied. Some expect the gadget to be revealed in March – which is, from my perspective, a very strange thing. Apple, I believe, will still stick to an yearly launch cycle.