What Developers Think of Apple Watch: Can Apple Watch Be Truly Revolutionary Or End Up A Mere Glitter?

As smartphones advanced on multiple counts, software and hardware, a natural evolution was long expected to happen. This evolution signifies the carryover of some of the smartphone’s concepts onto other devices. One of the obvious conclusion leaps along this line of thought belongs to new-age watches crammed with eye-catching wizardry. Apple, arguably the kickstarter of the smartphone overload, has ventured into this evolutionary path with their smartwatch. Apple Watch made its grand figurative debut during the launch of iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus with the promise of being available sometime during April 2015. With different size and edition options, the Apple Watch has already captured the imagination of all Apple product lovers and a few other technology buffs.

Apple Watch from Developer’s ViewpointHowever, the opinions, on whether such a device fulfils a necessity gap or create a new hitherto unknown necessity, are vastly varying and conflicting in nature. To better understand the implications of this new fancy addition to Apple’s ever-increasing ecosystem, it’s logical to delve into what the developers of the Apple universe expect and hope from the Apple Watch. After all, these are the very personnel who have to populate this ecosystem with suitable inhabitants (read apps). Let’s look at a few developers’ points of view below.

Apple Watch from Developers View Point

Rae Mapey – Developer, SimplyDeclare.com

Rae MapeyApple is most definitely the leader in technology. The Apple Watch is the newest product, but this doesn’t mean all apps should be adapted to work on the watch. The Apple Watch will become more readily available to all, as the economies of scale change, but the developer will still have to think about “is their app best suited for this platform?”

The apps which should be put into the Watch Platform are those which the user will use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, my app Simply Declare isn’t an app which is used on a daily basis, as it’s a speciality travel app for tracking your declarable purchases while on a foreign trip, but I will certainly look to the future to see if I can adapt the currency converter to work on the watch.

Cosmin Unguru – Founder, BitsCoffee.com

Cosmin UnguruThe smartwatch is here to stay because it’s socially acceptable unlike other personal gadgets like the Google Glass for example. It’s also practical because you don’t have to pull out your phone to view a message or who’s calling, and it’s a great fitness device.

Apple Watch will be a success long-term not only because Apple has a 500m-install base with their iPhones, fanatic followers and a network of high class shops across the US, but also because it’s a great smartwatch and perfectly integrated into the Apple ecosystem.

The entire smartwatch market for 2014 was about 7m smartwatches with Samsung selling 1.2m. I believe Apple can sell more smartwatches than all the current players combined but even this figure will be a side play compared to the iPhone business so give it time to grow as a market and Apple Watch is poised to be a key piece in the Apple ecosystem, just like the Mac or the iPad.

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Shailesh Mistry – Co-Founder, CreativeGlance.com

Shailesh Mistry

As a developer’s point of view, Apple Watch is already changing how iPhone apps look and feel. A small screen results force developers rethinking their iPhone apps usability along with fit-in Apple watch features.

As Apple watch has small screen, developers need to simplified their app to be more simplified by showing quick glances of information that’s relevant and streamlined experience for users to use, as there are few things by minimalist approach user can do with the use of Apple watch like: Call, Messages, Access Emails, Monitor Progress, Access Maps and Notification.

Initial watch apps will be an expansion of the existing iPhone apps, Currently Apple Watch’s capabilities and resources availability are limited; hence Apple Watch app development is limited to basic apps with limited functionality. Developer needs added complete resources to build more featured rich apps from Apple. In the next few months Apple needs to offer lot more in future updates of what developers needed.

Sujal Adhiya – Team Lead – iOS Technologies, IndiaNIC.com

Sujal Adhiya

From a developer’s point of view, I can say that developer community has more challenges with release of Apple Watch. Till date, clients came with iPad and iPhone compatibility, but now they are coming with Apple Watch compatibility also. A developer has to think about Apple Watch resolution also before starting development on any new application. It looks like within one year for any social networking application, restaurants app or any informative application, Apple watch version of application will become must for notification OR information. With Apple Watch, user can get every details of nearby hotels, restaurants and notification in wristwatch.

We have started working on Apple Watch application for informative application and it’s not too much complex to reflect data from Apple Watch to iPhone application. You can easily make communication with Apple Watch and iPhone. It’s great that Apple started to upload application in iTunes for Apple Watch and we are very near to upload our first Apple Watch application. With Apple Watch, you can check emails, messages, Push and Local notifications and many more.

Josh Brown – Manager at Softorino.com

Josh Brown

First off – with confidence I can say that the Apple Watch will be an incredible addition to our Apple ecosystem. It will be a new experience, providing shopping transaction simplicity and a whole lot more that no one can predict yet.

Are we going to get one? Yes. We love Apple. We love their iPhones, Macs and I’m confident that we’re going to love their smart watch. The whole crew at Softorino is planning to gear up with an Apple Watch Sport. After we digest it, we’re definitely planning on entering the door to the Apple Watch app world. And we’re not going to ‘knock’! Our app ‘iBetterCharge’ solved a problem that many didn’t even know they had. In the future, we plan on putting iOS battery notifications on the Apple Watch.

I’ve read various reviews from people that actually played with it; I realised that the idea behind the Apple Watch is to reduce the friction caused by iPhones, which will provide us with more time to spare for our normal life. This means that we will not use our phone that often once we have the watch. Soon, the way we’ll access our phone, will be through the Apple Watch. And unlike the iPhone, we’ll always have it on our wrist because the Watch requires it to be in contact with your skin in order to receive alerts.

Of course, there’s a great chunk of hate for the Apple Watch. I personally laugh at this, because how can you hate something that isn’t released yet nor have you even held it in your hands?

…But as we all know – Haters are gonna hate.

As with anything Apple, its Apple Watch has also created much hype and hoopla. Whether this will translate into a genuine technological metamorphosis like the iPhone is something to wait and watch. Apple has focused some heavy spotlight on the gadget-based wearable segment and this focus will pave a future way for more wearable products other than the wristwatch. When encountered with technological crossroads, sometimes, necessity topples glitz & excitement while at other times the ‘wow’ factor overcomes practical resistance. It could be either way with the Apple Watch and the developers will have a major role in deciding the course.