Before the launch of every product and software, Apple tends to create rumours around the products/software. Worldwide, Apple uses blogger community strategically to spread the word of the new iPhone/iPad and iOS version.

This time, however, Apple has introduced a small tweak in the style of marketing. For the last couple of months, rumor mills have been actively campaigning for Apple iPad Air 3; according to rumors, Apple is planning to launch iPad Air 3 in March 2016. Users have already made some wild guesses about the features and specifications of iPad Air 3.

iPad Air 3 Features Expectations

But Apple seems to have adopted something fresh. Or maybe the brand had already done this practice in the past, I have no idea. When it comes to expectations, people can expect anything from the brand like Apple. Although Apple can’t fulfil all expectations, it will certainly get some idea about what users think about Apple’s products and what they look for from the brand. So here is our wish list.

iPad Air 3 Features Expectations

Apple Pencil Support

It is quite natural that people would expect Pencil as Apple’s iPad Pro supports Pencil. Given the length and width of iPad Air 2, users would certainly expect a similar or maybe a larger piece. And for 9.45″ x 6.67″, pencil is comfortable for easy accessibility of icons.

Minimum Storage Capacity of Base Model Should be 32GB

Apple smartly promotes its 64-GB devices by launching iPhones and iPads with minimum storage of 16GB. But users now have sensed this marketing strategy. So Apple should shun this practice and offer the base model with 32GB storage capacity. Moreover, Apple should also expand its maximum storage capacity up to 256GB so that users can store more data in the device. 4GB memory is also expected in iPad Air 3.

New Design

iPad Air 2 was available in three different colours: Space Gray, Silver, Gold. Now people want something different, and therefore, Apple should introduce rose gold in its colour palette.

9820mAh Battery

More storage, more features mean more battery consumption. Users would certainly expect 9820 mAh or more battery capacity.

12MP Camera

Young users want better picture quality; an 8MP camera is not enough for them. 12MP camera would give users an opportunity to click more pictures and store more data.

3D Touch

After using iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, users have appreciated 3D Touch feature, and now they would certainly want same 3D Touch feature on all screens.

A Few More Expectations…

  • Improved Processor.
  • Smart Connector for Smart Keyboards.
  • Four speakers for stereo sound in any orientation.
  • Touch ID 2 sensor for quicker authentication.
  • A display like iMac with 10-bit DCI-P3 color space.
  • Lighter weight for easy handling.

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