Week Calendar: iPhone & iPad Calendar App for Power Users

Breaking free from the notion of minimalist features and core functionality that doesn’t appeal to power users is not easy. When you put a lot of features into a calendar app, you’re making it powerful enough to be used by power users who are ready to go through a short learning curve initially.

That’s precisely what Week Calendar is: a powerful, feature-packed calendar app for the iPhone and iPad. I will not call it as an alternative to most other calendars out there (including Apple’s stock Calendar). I think it’s much more than an alternative. Read on.

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Week Calendar iPhone & iPad App

Week Calendar is filled with a ton of possibilities and options that can help power users customize the calendar any way they like. This flexibility comes at the cost of seeming complex or sophisticated. However, Week Calendar’s iOS 7 redesign makes sure that you can still find your way through the calendar app and get super organized in no time.

Setting Up Is Easy

Week Calendar iPhone & iPad App Review

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By far, the biggest problem in getting started is setting up the calendars without a problem. The stock Calendar does seamless calendar sync/integration but the same cannot be held to be true for many of the calendar apps.

With Week Calendar though, setting up is pretty easy: iCal, CalDAV, iCloud, Exchange etc. -throw anything at it and it will handle it easily. I think the setup part is really easy with Week Calendar in the sense that there is no “setup” in the traditional sense. It just works.

Week Calendar iOS App


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Week Calendar comes with basic views that most calendars offer: day, week, month, year. You can also change the view to list or agenda which is gives you an areal view of all the events that are lined up in your calendar.

The weekly overview is what Week Calendar focuses mostly on, adding touch-gestures to make controlling the features better. You can pinch to zoom in/out to look at events scheduled for the week. Fortunately, the app supports landscape orientation for iPhone and iPod Touch which makes a good design sense when you are on the “Week” view.

Batch Processing, Moving Appointments etc.

If there’s anything that puts the feather in Week Calendar’s cap, it should be the batch processing feature that allows you to shift appointments in batches. When you shift one event by an hour, the following events need to move too. You can select multiple events and move them in a batch: a feature that is unavailable in most popular calendar apps or – where it is available – has a lousy implementation. Week Calendar gets it right.

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Week Calendar takes customization to an extreme although power users who need to be able to control every little detail would revel in this feature. You can customize colors – which is normal – and you can go deeper, further, to the level of customizing alerts, menus, etc.


If you create an event frequently with similar parameters, you don’t have to keep typing in every data over and over again. Week Calendar lets you create templates that can be used to reduce the time you spend creating these repeating events.

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The recent update (in keeping with Apple’s iOS 7) brings quite a few interesting features:

  • Flatter UI
  • Dark theme
  • Add events faster
  • Auto complete function
  • AirDrop support

Like I said before, there are a lot of features in Week Calendar. It sometimes feels like a Calendar on steroids – but it’s one of the perfect Calendars too. Even if you are looking just for the basic functions, the list and the agenda view would be where you’ll spend most of your time. Creating events, syncing them, sharing events via Email or inviting participants – most of this is a breeze with Week Calendar.

Week Calendar works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Price: $1.99
Download Week Calendar

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