With its recent update, Webnote now integrates Evernote and for super-users who browse a lot and capture notes in equal measure, this is going to be an amazing update.

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar, Webnote is a browser+note-taking app built specifically for the iPad. It’s kind of powerful because it lets you capture notes of almost every type: text, images, video, entire web pages etc.

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The real kick in the whole app is where you can actually organize them and have social features set up. Webnote really is one of the few note-taking apps that does social the right way. And since it’s built only for the iPad, it’s a whole different experience.

Webnote iPad App

For most users, when it comes to taking down notes from websites or anywhere, the go-to app is Evernote. There are a few alternatives to Evernote but still, the app has been crowned and it’s here to stay.

So when Webnote first spoke about an Evernote integration, it really looked very promising. Our experience with Webnote on the iPad – although not expansive as yet – was good even before the Evernote thing. You could connect to Facebook and Twitter to share stuff directly as you save them to your personal Webnote collection.

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Webnote App for iPad

Powerful Browser + Note Integration Is A Rich Feature

Most of the time, you are picking up notes from the web. Images from websites, videos on YouTube or elsewhere, text or links… that’s an endless list. Webnote’s entire power resides in the fact that it allows for a beautiful browsing experience in the native browser and then integrates note-taking and sharing capabilities right within it.

So essentially, you’ll never have to open up Evernote again for the web notes. No jumping between two apps.

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Webnote for iPadWebnote iPad App Review

Managing Notes

Webnote makes note management not just easy and streamlined but more focused and social too.

Unlike most other versatile note-taking apps – including Evernote – Webnote is a mono-tasking agent. You don’t get to deal with the hassles of managing multiple notes (although you can still configure it that way). The focus largely tilts towards letting you access to the notes you’ve saved instantly.

Then comes the social feature: a prominent fixture that can really make content discovery very interesting. You can browse other people’s shares/notes right from within the app (as a sidebar) and you can repost/fav those contents easily too.

Bottom-line: we have a powerful app that just does note-taking much better than most others and with Evernote integration, things are looking up.

Webnote is available as a free app on the App Store. It works only on the iPad.

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