6 Reasons  why an Intel Mac isn’t worth the money now!

Apple has transitioned from Intel processors to its ARM-based chips for Macs.  If you are still planning to buy an Intel-powered Mac, here’s why you should avoid them.

Previously, the rumors suggested that Apple could name the rugged edition as Apple Watch Explorer Edition. But, more recently, experts like Mark Gurman are weighing in on ‘Apple Watch Pro’.

Outdated Intel processors

To push its Silicon chips, Apple has priced its M-series Macs at roughly the same price as Intel Macs.  Also, many third-party sellers often run deals on Apple Silicon Macs.


Upcoming macOS Ventura does not support highly useful features like Live Captions, Reference Mode, and more on Intel Macs, so you’ll miss out on some great features.

macOS features missing

Apple has not yet specified the exact timeline for macOS updates to Intel Macs.  There are chances that the company might stop rolling out updates to Intel Macs in the coming years.

Not future-proof

Apple Silicon Macs deliver much more powerful performance than Intel Macs. It’d be better to choose M-Series Macs for process-heavy tasks.

More powerful

Apple has incredibly improved battery life on M-Series Macs. Compared to 12 hours of battery life on the Intel MacBook Air 2020, M1 MacBook Air offers a massive 18 hours of battery life.

Poor battery life

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