7 Signs

Why you should upgrade your iPad

Like all devices,  iPads also have a definitive slifespan. Here are 7 signs that show your iPad has become obsolete and needs an upgrade.

Apple offers multiple years of security and software updates for iPads. However, if your iPad has become incompatible with the latest iPadOS, it is time to replace it with a newer model.

Outdated iPadOS

Newly developed apps are sometimes not supported on older hardware. If you are witnessing frequent app crashes and performance issues, you need to buy a new iPad to enjoy all the apps.

Performance issues

Earlier, iPads had 32GB base storage. Now, it’s impossible to run all apps and install the latest iPadOS on a 32GB iPad. So, if your iPad’s storage is full, it’s time to move on.

Insufficient storage

One of the most glaring signs that your iPad has run out of its life is poor battery performance. If you are experiencing poor battery life on a full charge, it’s time to upgrade your iPad.


For your iPad, if you are unable to find accessories like a charger and a case in the market, that means it has run its course.

Incompatible accessories

iPads are durable in general. However, there could be hardware issues like faulty home button or volume buttons, loose charging ports, and more. At this point, it’s time for a new iPad.

Hardware issues

Dead pixels on the screen clearly indicate that your display is wearing out. If the display is plagued with issues, you should switch to a new iPad.

Dead pixels

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