Why you should upgrade to iPhone 14 Pro

Six Reasons

Recently, Apple released the iPhone 14 lineup. While iPhone 14 seems to be a nominal update, iPhone 14 Pro comes loaded with several features. Let’s see why you should upgrade to iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple has introduced the Always-on Display feature for the first time on iPhones. Unlike AoD in Android, iPhone 14’s AoD just dims the screen at 1Hz to keep your wallpaper intact and visible.

Always-on Display

iPhone 14 Pro brings a massive upgrade to the camera department. With a 48MP primary sensor, as compared to iPhone 13 Pro’s 12MP lens, you can expect stunning photos and videos.

48MP Camera

The regular iPhone 14 comes with the previous-generation A15 chip. However, Apple has provided the new A16 chip for iPhone 14 Pro. It is 40% faster than its closest non-Apple competitor.

A16 Chip

iPhone 14 Pro comes with a larger battery than iPhone 14, and as compared to the previous year’s iPhone 13 Pro, this one offers an additional hour of video playback at 23 hours.

Battery performance

In the U.S., Apple has not hiked the price of the iPhone this year. The iPhone 14 Pro is priced at $999, the same price at which the company launched the iPhone 13 Pro last year.

No price hike

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