7 Reasons to Switch from Android to iOS

Why you should choose iOS over Android

While there are countless reasons to switch from Android to iOS, here are some of the key reasons that make iOS the best smartphone OS.

Software support

Apple gives iPhones at least 5 years of software support. Additionally, iOS has a bloatware-free UI that provides a smooth user experience.

Famed ecosystem

The way Apple has built a native ecosystem of its products is unparalleled and an example for the rest of the industry to follow. The seamlessness is something every Apple user is proud of.

Brand value

Apple is the most valuable company in the world by market cap. It has become a status symbol, and every iPhone user loves flashing the logo on the back of their phones!

Rich Features

Within the ecosystem, Apple has better control over its products and services. Services like iMessage, Apple Pay, FaceTime, and iCloud work without any hiccups across the board.

Easy to upgrade

Upgrading from one iPhone to another is really easy. You can bring your new iPhone close to your old one and begin transferring data with a few simple taps.

Raw performance

The Bionic chip is, by far, the best-performing SOC. Apple claims iPhones are ahead of its competition by at least 2 years. Switch to an iPhone and see it for yourself!

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