Why You Don't Need to Upgrade Smartphones annually?

6 Reasons!

The temptation to upgrade your smartphone every year is irresistible. However, holding on to your older device could be a better decision.  Here’s why you should not upgrade your phone annually.

Stagnant Innovation

Companies do not bring exciting features to every smartphone they release, thus making annual phone upgrades is  irrelevant these days.

Future-proof phones are affordable!

With years of software support and security updates promised by smartphone companies, even a middle-range smartphone in today’s time is future-proof.

Battery replacement programs

A major reason why users upgrade phones annually is degraded battery performance. However, several companies now offer affordable battery replacement programs.

Annual Software Updates

Smartphones get new software updates yearly with new features. Thus, software upgrades can bring a new life to phones, and you don’t have to upgrade annually for new features.

Camera Specs Stagnant

Camera specifications have become stagnant over the years. Skipping a smartphone generation won’t make much difference.

Marketed Gimmicks

Most of the marketed features by smartphone companies are marketing gimmicks, and you will hardly notice a difference in your smartphone usage without additional bells and whistles.

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