Why should you not buy a base model M2 MacBook Air?

If you are in the market for M2 MacBook Air, it would be better to skip the base 256GB model and go for a model with a higher storage configuration.

Reviewers have revealed that the 256GB M2 MacBook Air has hardware limitations, and it might not deliver a powerful performance in specific tasks.

Teardown videos have concluded that the M2 MacBook Air 256GB comes with a single NAND chip of 256GB instead of two 128GB chips, which Apple previously used in base models of MacBooks.

Same M2 MacBook Air model with more internal storage has two NAND chips instead of one.

Single NAND chip might slow down the performance while copying large files, multitasking or performing any task that’s enough to max out 8GB of its RAM.

M2 MacBook Air with 256GB storage costs $1,199, and if you opt for the next storage variant, i.e. 512GB, it would add only $200 to the cost.

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