6 Reasons:  Why you should choose a Cellular iPad 👍

If you are planning to buy an iPad, here are some reasons why you should pick a cellular iPad over a WiFi-only model (despite the premium pricing).

Don’t rely on Hotspot

If you travel outside frequently, relying on a hotspot does not make sense. This is where cellular iPads can keep you connected to the internet.

One of the major differences between a cellular iPad and a WiFi-only iPad is GPS. Only cellular iPads have GPS, which can provide you with accurate location tracking services like Apple Maps.


Improved productivity

Cellular iPads are great for boosting productivity if you use the iPad as a professional device. You can attend meetings, answer calls and download files from anywhere.

Cellular data is better

Public Wi-Fi connections are arguably not as secure as mobile data. Therefore, if you work outside and often use unsecured Wi-Fi connections, buying a cellular iPad is better.

Game anywhere

With a cellular iPad, you don’t have to rely on a Wi-Fi network to play games on your iPad. You can easily play cloud games and online games while commuting using a cellular iPad.


Cellular iPads combine the functionality of a smartphone and the portability of a tablet. With a cellular iPad, you can get the best of both worlds.

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