Why is Apple almost recession-proof?

Despite looming economic slowdown and signs of recession, analysts have predicted that Apple is better than most companies in handling poor economic situations worldwide.

Let’s see why!

According to analysts, iPhone has transitioned from a luxury product to an essential item.

Amid pressure due to inflation, buyers might choose to spend on essential items instead of luxury products.

DigiTimes predicts that the MacBook series could outsell other PC brands.

The new M2 MacBook Air, with its sleek design and competitive price, could keep Apple afloat during the recession.

As PC sales are slowing down, buyers could shift to low-cost alternatives, and iPads could emerge as the top choice.

At $299, the basic iPad could witness great sales despite the recession.

Services has remained one of the strongest categories of Apple, with constant growth over the years. As the number of Apple devices keeps growing, services revenue will grow proportionately.

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