7 reasons

Why  iPad is perfect for students?

Apple has blurred the line between a laptop and a tablet to the extent that current iPads are as versatile and powerful as laptops.  Here are some reasons why the iPad is perfect for students.

In 2018, Apple redesigned the iPad, making it thinner and easier to carry.  The lightweight iPads are perfect for students who are always on the go.


With Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, students don’t need to carry paper and pencil to classrooms as they can simply start taking notes or draw directly on the iPad’s screen.


Cellular capability in iPads makes them easy to remain connected to the internet even while away from a WiFi network. Apple now offers 5G high-speed cellular support on iPads.

Cellular Connectivity

Apple Pencil has made the iPad a versatile device, especially for students. They can take notes in class, keep a journal, brainstorm ideas, and draw art using an Apple Pencil on the iPad.

Apple Pencil

With the high-quality cameras on the iPad, students can attend meetings from anywhere. Also, document scanning becomes easy with powerful cameras and an in-built document scanning feature.

High-quality cameras

In the post-covid world, attending online classes has become a new norm.  With the iPad's Centre Stage feature and FaceTime, keeping in touch with schoolmates is effortless.


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