Why does iOS use less RAM than Android?

Who manages RAM better?

iOS devices are far ahead in terms of memory management. Even though the iPhone 13 Pro Max uses 6GB RAM and the S22 Ultra has 12GB RAM, iPhone has better memory management.  

Why does Android need 8-12GB RAM?

Android is coded using JAVA. Memory released by closed apps goes through Garbage Collection, which is efficient but uses heaps of memory. This leads to Android devices needing more RAM.

How does iOS work fluidly with lesser RAM?

iOS is coded using Swift. It does not undergo Garbage Collection. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg & there’s more to it.  Tap to know why iOS is more efficient in memory management.

➤ Apple has more control over its apps as they are created using Apple tools & are optimized for iOS.   ➤ Doesn’t constantly kill apps in the background ➤ Comparatively less bloatware.

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