Did you know Apple Watch shows a lower count of calories burned?

Apple Watch displays the count of calories you have burned from a workout. However, there’s usually a difference between active calories and total calories because of Apple Watch’s methodology.

Active calories  vs.  Passive calories

Human beings burn calories even while resting; these can be termed passive calories. On the other hand, active calories are calories burned from physical activity.

Understanding BMR

The calories burned during resting are measured in terms of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Apple uses a combination of your height, weight, gender, and age to calculate your BMR.

Active calories Total calories - BMR

Total calories in Apple Watch is the sum of calories burned while resting and active calories. Apple Watch only displays active calories. But, you can also see the sum of active calories and passive calories.

How to view total calories?

Apple Watch only displays active calories burned.  To view total calories: ➤ Open the Fitness app on iPhone. ➤ Go to Summary ➤ Activity. Total calories burned are displayed on the left under Move.

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