Apple Vision Pro won't replace all devices.  Here's why →

Quite expensive💰

Apple's Vision Pro headset is expensive, making it impractical for many. It may be more feasible to invest in an Apple product ecosystem.

Inconvenient 😥

As the device sits on the user’s face, it’s very hard for someone to wear it at for long hours.

Awkward in public 👀

In contrast to using your smartphone or laptop in public, wearing a Vision Pro headset can make users feel awkward around large groups of people.

Poor battery life🪫

The product's limited battery life prevents you from using it for extended periods.

Portability 💼

Unlike an iPhone, the Vision Pro headset isn't very portable. As a result, you must carry a separate carry bag.

Learning Curve 🛣️

Adopting a completely new technology requires time and effort to learn and adapt.

Not the Alpha  and the Omega

While Vision Pro and similar technologies hold great promise, they are unlikely to completely replace all devices in the foreseeable future.

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