What’s new with HomePod ? (2nd generation)

HomePod 2nd gen blends superior music quality with cutting-edge technology and comes in a mesh fabric cover with a touch-sensitive top.

The design of the 2023 HomePod smart speaker is much similar to the original one.

HomePod Design

Dimensions ► 6.6 x 5.6 inches   Weight ► 5.16 pounds  

Apple has brought together a rich tone, a brighter base, and an ear to listen to what you've to say.

HomePod Audio

► 4-inch Woofer ► 5 Tweeters ► 4 Microphones

HomePod features

Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos A microphone for bass correction and real-time tuning. Room sensing allows the sound to be adjusted based on its surroundings.

HomePod Performance

With the inclusion of the S7 chip that was previously used with the Watch Series 7, Apple has subsequently raised the bar.

HomePod Connectivity

Wi-Fi (802.11n) Bluetooth (5.0) Thread with Matter Ultra-Wideband (let you hand off music)

HomePod Color

Two aesthetic color choices: 

Midnight ► White

HomePod Environment

Apple built the device with an environmentally friendly mesh fabric that is 100% recyclable.

Biggest highlights

Internal temperature & humidity sensor.   Thread radios & Matter support.   Location-based DSP.   Listen for smoke & carbon monoxide alarms.   Detachable charging chord.

HomePod Price

The latest HomePod 2nd gen, like the OG, has been launched at $299.

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