Reuse Old iPad

8 Ways

If you have recently upgraded to a new iPad and are ignoring your old iPad, there are still a lot of ways to repurpose the latter.  Here are some cool things you can still do with your old iPad.

Ebook Reader

An old Retina model iPad can still be used as an eBook reader. Browsing, downloading, and reading digital books do not require much processing power, and you can do it on your old iPad.

Tablet for kids

Instead of selling them away, you can give your old iPad to kids. They can listen to songs and watch educational and fun YouTube videos on your old iPad.

Use it as a kitchen TV

Kitchen TVs have remained popular for mealtime entertainment. You can use your old iPad as an interactive screen in the kitchen that can also help you with recipes.

Dedicated media server

Your old iPad can be perfect for a dedicated media server, provided it has enough storage. You can store movies, TV shows, podcasts, and games offline instead of cloud servers.


Buying a feature-rich dashcam is a costly affair. However, your old iPad can do the job, thanks to its high-resolution camera. Install a good dashcam app on the iPad, and you’re good to go.

Digital Photo Frame

Another cool way to upcycle your iPad is to use it as a digital photo frame. Use an iPad stand and a wall-mounted charger and display your favorite memories in slideshow mode.

Remote control

Your old iPad can be used as a remote for Apple TV or iTunes. iPad’s in-built Remote app can be used for the purpose. Otherwise, you can install any third-party remote app on your iPad.

Smart Home Hub

This is probably the best way to use an old iPad.  Apple Home can be used to control different devices in your home, and then you can mount the iPad in an ideal location for easy access.

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