Hidden features  of  watchOS 9

Apple introduced numerous new features with watchOS 9. These include an improved Workout app, a Sleep app, and a new Medications app. But some hidden features deserve your attention.  Take a look!

To enable, open Watch app → tap My Watch Mail, and turn on Email Notifications under When Not Connected to ‌iPhone‌.

You can get email alerts on Apple Watch even if it's not connected to iPhone‌.

You Can Follow-Unfollow Podcasts

⏩ To follow: Open a podcast → tap Follow. ⏩ To unfollow: Open the podcast → tap Download and select Unfollow show.

View Activity Rings

Now you can see the Activity rings during a workout by scrolling up the Digital Crown of your Apple Watch running watchOS 9.

Add Calendar Events

Finally, you can now add events to Apple Watch Calendar.  Tap the ellipsis (...) icon and tap + New Event → Add the details and tap Add.

View edited messages

In ‌iOS 16‌, you can edit texts in iMessage. In ‌watchOS 9‌, you can view those edits. To view them, tap and hold the word Edited below the message.

Edit Reminders

Now you can edit reminders and add required details such as date and time, location, tags, and notes. You can also move reminders between lists.

Text Size Control

Now you can change the text size in watchOS 9 from Control Center.

Find Your Car

If you have paired your iPhone with CarPlay or Bluetooth, your Apple Watch can recognize when you've parked and disconnected and will drop a waypoint where your car is located.

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