Unlock the power of Airplane Mode on iPhone!

Benefits of using Airplane Mode on iPhone

Flight transits

Most airline rules imply that you must enable Airplane mode on your device so that their communication system is not interfered with.

Appreciate the moment

By enabling Airplane Mode on your iPhone, you disconnect from incoming notifications. This allows you to be fully present in the moment without interruptions.

Conserve battery

The network activities of your iPhone can cause a lot of battery drainage. Turn on Airplane mode to prevent this.

Reduce distractions

A connected iPhone is the ultimate cause of distractions, via constant messages, calls, and unwanted pings.  Use AirPlane mode to focus on the task at hand.

Prevent roaming charges

Avoid roaming charges by enabling Airplane Mode on your iPhone to disable cellular data while still retaining access to core features like the camera.

Fake drop a call

Some of your callers might just keep on talking while you're busy.  Hence, use Airplane Mode to your convenience and fake drop a call. Good riddance!

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