Apple's Peek Performance event gave us an actual peek into something that was ignored by everyone.

UltraFusion is Apple's pinnacle of design and engineering that allows two M1 Max chips to work as one in the all-new M1 Ultra chip 

What is UltraFusion?

Usually, combining two processors leads to multiple issues like increased latency, reduced bandwidth, and higher power consumption. It also burdens developers to change codes for this architecture.

But Apple claims there's no downside of UltraFusion as it uses a die-to-die interconnect technology that doubles performance. All possible due to Apple's custom-built packaging architecture.

It uses a silicon interposer with twice the connection density of any technology available. It connects over 10,000 signals and provides an enormous 2.5TB/s inter-processor bandwidth using minimal power. And this results in a SoC with blazing performance without any compromises.

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