Top Silicon Valley CEOs and their hobbies 

Want to have fun the Billionaire way?

Keep tapping all the way to discover their hobbies.

Cycling and hiking are the perfect recreational companions of Mr. Cook. Simple and effective - Typically Apple.

Tim Cook

While you spend time on Instagram, the CEO keeps his body fit, playing Jiu Jitsu. Just Billionaire things!

Mark Zuckerberg

The ex-Microsoft chief has his heart swooning for the popular card game Bridge. A classic choice.

Bill Gates

Watching Bollywood flicks is Pichai’s favorite leisure activity.  Caution ► If you do the same, your mom's sandals will come flying.

Sundar Pichai

When not turning Twitter upside down, the Tesla chief spends time binge-watching HBO or playing video games.

Elon Musk

The Adobe CEO soothes his tired mind by striking the stunning ‘Ace’ shot on the golf ground. Ace for Ace.

Shantanu Narayen

Evan is a fan of swimming, boating, and scuba diving.  Just imagine how exciting his Snapchat streaks would be.

Evan Spielberg

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