Inspiration  or Copy?  9 iOS 17  features from Android

Taking inspiration from Google’s dialer app, Apple has introduced auto-transcription of Live Voicemails in iOS 17.

Live Voicemail

Apple thought, ‘Why should just Google users have all the fun?’ and added support for Offline Maps on Apple Maps with iOS 17.

Offline Maps

Drawn on the file  sharing through NFC, NameDrop facilitates quick sharing of contact with nearby iPhones and Apple Watch.


Contact Poster allows iOS users to add personal pictures to their saved contacts. One of the most popular Android features, for sure.

Contact Poster

The feature turns your iPhone into a digital clock. It is the Apple version of the always-on screen saver on Android.

Standby Mode

Reserved to Android until now, a new standalone leveler finds its place in the Camera app. Perfect pictures every time!

Levelling in the Camera App

FaceTime will support both - audio and video messages in iOS 17. No more switching to Google Duo or Meet.

FaceTime message

With iOS 17, Apple is bringing cool Interactive Widgets to your service. No more flexing Android users!

Interactive Widgets

Check-In helps you  share your whereabouts with family during traveling. In 2020, Google launched a similar security feature.


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