What’s new with the 2023 Mac mini?

The brand-new 2023 Mac mini comes with improved performance, various storage capacities, connectivity enhancements, and a decent price drop!

The 2023 Mac mini is equipped with a 12-core CPU (8 high-performance, 4 high-efficiency) and a 19-core GPU 🤯


The new and improved Neural Engine on M2 makes the device 40% faster than the 2020 M1-based Mac mini.

You get 16GB Unified Memory and 256GB SSD with the 2023 Mac mini, which can be upgraded at the point of sale to 24GB and 2TB SSD, respectively.


USB-A connections 2 HDMI connector Gigabit Ethernet port (10GB option) Headphone jack 1


M2 chip:  Thunderbolt 4 connections: 2 Compatibility for up to two monitors.

Additional connectivity

M2 Pro Chip:  Thunderbolt 4 connections: 4   Compatibility for up to three monitors. (One 8K screen)

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 6E5 Bluetooth: 5.3

Software enhancements

Another step towards being plastic-free by 2025, the Mac mini is made of recyclable materials. ► Enclosure is made of aluminum  All magnets include rare earth elementsTin in the main logic board's solderGold-plated circuit boards 

Environment conservation

The price drop of $100 is the show-stealer.  Now, at $599, the Mac mini is more accessible than ever.


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