5 things  Apple needs to do to beat Meta in VR tech

Meta is the only notable company that’s making a mark in the VR sector. In 2021, meta sold around 7.7 million VR headsets.  Here are 5 things that Apple needs to do to win the VR war.

Meta and other companies have still not been able to offer a comfortable VR headset that can be worn for prolonged periods. Apple can launch an VR headset with focus on comfort.

Comfortable VR headset

Meta is focusing on social applications under its metaverse vision. Apple could do better by offering a VR headset that caters to mass audience and allow users to choose their experiences.

Mass appeal

Some analysts have predicedt that Apple’s VR headset could cost $3000! Apple needs to ensure that features of the VR headset are communicated well to users to justify premium pricing.

Justify the price

Apple is known for its closed ecosystem. It would be great if Apple could offer the same seamless integration between the VR headset and its other hardware and software products.

Seamless Integration

While Meta is notorious for its irresponsible data handling policies, Apple could lead the industry in the VR technology by ensuring stringent privacy and data control policies.

Focus on data privacy

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