Your iPhone might be getting tapped!

Although iPhones are one of the safest devices out there, it's still possible to tap them! Here's how you can find out.

If your iPhone battery is draining fast or getting too warm, it may be being tapped. So, check the power consumption of your apps from Settings > Battery.

1. Notice battery behavior 

Something is fishy if your relatively new phone's battery is draining without the apps consuming much power.  

Keep track of your daily/monthly data usage and check if there is a change in data consumption. Malicious software usually sends information to its server using your Wi-Fi/Mobile data.   

2. Increased Mobile Data Usage 

If you are seeing unusual amounts of ads in unusual places or have noticed apps installed on your iPhone without your knowledge, your iPhone could be tapped.  

3. Unwanted Ads and Apps  

If you have noticed an unusual performance drop, it might be because of the tapping in the background. Do note that an iPhone lags as it gets older.  

4. Performance fall or lag 

Suspicious SMS can be anything, including a randomized series of digits, characters, and symbols, which will immediately strike you as something odd. It's a sign that the device is being tapped.   

5. Receiving suspicious messages 

Are you hearing pulsating static or high-pitched humming on your iPhone?  That might be because it's being tapped.  

6. Unusual Background Noise 

Unable to shut down your iPhone no matter how you try? It might be because the tapping software prevents you from canceling its operation.

7. Unable to shut down

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