Secret iPhone Camera shutter button tricks

So you have been using the shutter button to take a photo or video. But did you know it can do much more with it? Tap to find out!

Record video in Photo mode

Simply tap and hold the shutter button, and your camera will start capturing the video. Once done, release the button to stop recording!

Drag the shutter button right to record a video

As simple as it sounds, its smooth movement will hook you! When in Photo mode, swipe right the shutter button. It will switch to the recording mode.

Capture pictures in burst mode

Wish to click the perfect action shot? Swipe left the shutter button. The camera will take photos in burst mode. The number determines the no. of photos taken.

Mute shutter sound

If your device is silent or the volume is off, the sound will be muted. But not otherwise! There's a workaround.  Open Camera → select Photo → enable Live Photo at the top.

Take photos while recording

When recording a video, you'll see a shutter button at the bottom right.  Simply tap it to take a photo without disturbing the video.