Action Button can make things easier on iPhone. Here's how  →


To avoid using a three-finger tap, you can use the Action Button to customize Assistive Touch or Zoom.


As simple as it can be! You can access the camera anywhere and use the Action Button as a shutter button.


With just a press of the Action button, you can enable the LED camera flash to function as a torch.


You can use the Action Button to enable or disable Focus Modes at will.


Users can customize the Action Button to invoke Magnifier and read small text.


Summon a custom shortcut anywhere you like with the click of a button.


Translation is a lifesaver when traveling; getting it done faster by pressing the Action button would be highly convenient!

Voice memo

Providing users with the ability to record and save their ideas with just a click of the Action Button would be great! Right?

Emergency Actions

In emergency situations, a single, easily accessible Action Button could quickly trigger essential functions like making an emergency call or sending an SOS signal.


A well-placed Action Button could enhance the overall user experience by simplifying interactions and making the device more intuitive to use.

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