7 reasons why iOS is better than Android

Apple has surpassed Android in the US by accounting for over 50% of the market share. This indicates that users prefer iOS over Android. Let’s check out why iOS is better than Android.


iOS is more user-friendly than Android because Apple doesn’t frequently change the overall look and feel of iOS. Anyone switching from an older iPhone can easily navigate and use a new iPhone.


Apple is known for its seamless ecosystem. The synchronization between its devices like Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and AirPods makes iOS a better choice than Android for multi-device users.


Apple rolls out iOS updates yearly and supports iPhones with up to several years of updates. In comparison, many latest Android smartphones are yet to receive the latest Android update.

Smooth and Fast iOS

Since Apple manufactures its own chipsets for iPhones, the integration between the hardware and the operating system makes iOS smoother and faster than Android.


Lately, Apple has worked on improving privacy and security features on iOS. With a closed ecosystem, timely updates, and in-built security features, iOS is considerably safer than Android.

Trade-in policies

Apple has great trade-in policies for iPhones. The absence of any such policy by its counterpart makes it easy for Apple to retain and attract users.

Less cluttered

Android smartphones are often bundled with unnecessary apps and bloatware, which often spoils the experience. iOS, on the other hand, comes with a limited number of stock apps.

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