Popular brands that make the iPhone possible

There is no doubt that iPhone is an engineering marvel. Apple's iPhone supply chain features many well-known brands.  Let's take a look at them. 


Since the first iPhone, Samsung has been Apple’s major supplier. Currently, Samsung supplies flash memory, DRAM, Displays, and batteries for iPhones.


Foxconn manufactures iPhones, and it is Apple's assembly partner.


Apple also sources OLED displays from LG for the iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro.


Sharp panels are used in iPhones with LCDs. Moreover, the brand is in talks with Apple about supplying OLED panels as well.


Corning's relations with Apple go back to the first iPhone. In fact, because of Apple’s deal, Corning was able to introduce Gorilla Glass to the rest of the world, which is now used for almost every smartphone.


Despite the clashes between both, Qualcomm still holds a good 20% share in the total number of modems used for current iPhones.


Apple uses sensors developed by Sony for the LiDAR sensors and iPhone cameras.

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